10 Things We Want From Skylanders 3: Part 4

These past days we have given you 8 things we wanted from Skylanders 3. Also note Part 5 has been all condensed into part four and cancelled.

9. New Skylanders: This will ovbiously happen, but anyways, anybody who likes Skylanders could come up with a wishlist… We personally fancy the idea of a tech elf.

10. Special Levels for Getting Soul Gems: This sorta speaks for itself, but special levels with the objective to collect Soul Gems, and 3-5 per level sounds like fun. These could be side chapters, like side quests.

List your “wants” in the comments.


One thought on “10 Things We Want From Skylanders 3: Part 4

  1. Online PVP battles. Or even co-op. Also Skylanders Universe to come to consoles as like an app, so you don’t have to go onto your PC. New elements perhaps. I saw on the internet someone suggested these Skylanders which combine elements which sounded cool. Someone else also suggested building your own Skylanders. I kind of like the idea of if you get a soul gem it unlocks an extra level. DLC levels would also be cool. Eon as a playable character. Theres quite a lot. Activision really does need to do something new to keep their audiences.

    Skylanders Universe name: Ginger Griffinshield

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