eShop Sales On the Rise

Today new information has been released about the Nintendo eShop sales and Nintendo 3DS internet connection rates. Good news: Nintendo’s downloadables have reached the highest for the firstt peroid since the peak of WiiWare.

Retail download titles like Brain Age: Concentration Training are picking up speed, with this partiular retail download accounting for 15 percent of the sales in Japan, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be marketed as a perfect retail download.

The percentage of internet connecting 3DSs have risen 10% from last year, now at around 72%. The percent of internet connecting 3DSs in the US are over 80% and climbing higher every day, every purchase.

This leaves the fact that download sales are lagging in Europe and Australia, with lukewarm internet connection results, too.

This proves a valuable future for the Nintendo eShop. Are you picking up a future retail download or just plain exclusive eShop game in the near future? Let us know in the comments.


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